Why you need to use a professional plumber

Plumbing consists not only of pipes, drains, valves and tubing but consists also of highly trained professionals called plumbers.

Usually when people discover a leak or breakage in their pipes in or around their property they are swift to settle for a quick fix and avoid calling a professional plumber to get the job done.

People often think of the costs involved in phoning a plumber, costs they are not prepared to pay in the short run but in the long run just picking up the phone and calling the plumber would benefit them far more than trying to fix the problem themselves.

Often, fixing plumbing yourself instead of phoning someone trained for the job could cost you much more than the callout costs of just simply phoning the plumber.

One of the reasons to phone a plumber is because of this exact factor. A plumber could save you thousands of rands, yes the initial costs might be a lot but plumbers are trained to fix a problem and deal with the source of the problem once and for all.

When unskilled, self appointed plumbers attempt to fix something licensed plumbers took years to learn and become professional in, they might just mess things up worse than they started out with.

The following should only be attempted by skilled plumbers:

Geysers – When working with geysers the dangers and risks involved for a unskilled person is significantly higher than when a qualified plumber comes to the job.

Insurance claims – When significant damage is happening in a house because of a plumbing issue, never try to fix it yourself. Call a plumber as soon as possible and rather use a reliable plumber that has a registered business. Makes sure the plumber is licensed. If you fix the broken pipe or issue yourself you might just end not being able to claim any money from your insurance company.

Blocked drains – On things like blocked drains,  you can do more damage than actually getting it unstuck. Rather phone a professional plumber to do the job. This might just save you a lot of money and a lot of dirty work in the end.


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