Tips for Saving Water and Electricity for 2014

With ever rising monthly household running costs, saving a litre of water every so often adds up to costs savings in the long run. Here are a few interesting and innovative ways to save water and electricity.

1. Your Toilet

Okay I know its difficult to recycle toilet water. I can not imagine anyone trying to do this. But consider submerging two-three brick into the cistern? The result is less you need a smaller volume of water to fill it up! So every time you flush you’re saving water.

2. Your Geyser

We had a timer switch installed that runs for 20 minutes in the morning before my alarm wakes me up for work, and also for 40 minutes in the evening while we are having our dinner. That’s right, only one hour per day instead of the full 24 hours. The geyser warms the water to a warm enough temperature for a shower in the morning and for a hot relaxing bath in the evenings. I have no idea why people would want their geysers running 24 hours a day when you only need it for once or twice a day. Call us for timer switches if you would like to save on power, which lessens your carbon footprint.

3. Your Swimming Pool

If you have a swimming pool you already know it costs you money to keep refilling your pool, especially in the hot dry summer periods. We decided to invest in a pool cover! The result is a cost saving of approximately 200 rand a month. The pool cover simply retains the water that would otherwise have evaporated.

4. Rain Water

How much natural rain water are you using instead of using your hosepipe? Considering the high average rainfalls we have in the Western Cape, it makes sense to catch some of that water for re-use. Consider installing 5kl water storage tanks with outlet taps.

Do you have any tips and tricks that will save water? Send them to us and we will consider your input and publish along with this article.

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