Plumbing Services

Toilet and Sink Repair and Installation

Our plumbing service includes repair of all types of sinks and toiler systems if they are in a repairable state. We also do new installations for private home and new developments. Our turn around time is fast and efficient with many years experience. We always do an onsite inspection before committing to a time frame and costing. Call us if have a problem with your toilet or sink.

Burst Pipe Repair

A burst pipe often goes unnoticed and can cost you thousands in water loss. We recommend that you monitor your monthly water usage because most of the water pipes laid when your premises was built do depreciate over the years. In some cases the piping runs under the houses foundations. In such a case we often look at alternatives and divert inlet water through a new installation which saves a lot of time and money. We have worked on residential and commercial properties.


A blockage is one of those emergency level plumbing jobs that often requires specialized equipment, depending on where the blockage occurs. Let us know what type of blockage you have and we will come to the rescue. Read our clients comments on how fast and efficient our services are!

Faucet Repair

This can often be a specialist service mainly because a lot of the faucets being used today are out of date and parts are in short supply. We on the other hand have connections in the industry where all type of fittings have spares without having to replace everything.

Sewage pipe repair and replacement

Although the types on sewer pipes are designed to last a long time underground, from constant changing weather and rainfall over the years continually changes the outdoor environment resulting in sewer pipes shifting gradually.

Geyser repair and Installation

If your overflow pipe is dripping constantly, chances are your geyser is close to bursting. Every geyser has a set lifespan and will eventually break down. The key thing to remember is that it costs less to fix before the geyser bursts and has to be replaced.

Bathroom and Kitchen Re-modelling

Looking for a bathroom upgrade? We are one of the best in the business and have re-modelled hundreds of bathrooms to suite the clients needs. Our work is neat and clean with constant communication with our clients until the work is completed.

Other Services Include

  • Kitchen remodelling plumbing installation
  • Replacement and Installation of sanitary ware
  • Re-piping of corroded copper pipes
  • Drain cleaning
  • Drain unclogging
  • Low water-pressure problem diagnosis and remedy
  • Shower repair
  • Repair to dripping taps and mixers
  • Installing Geyserwise
  • Installing new water points on premises
  • Repairing problematic sanitary ware
  • Repairing of high pressure water mains pipe

Hours of Business:

Mon to Friday 8:00 – 17:00

Saturday 8:00 – 14:00

After Hours including Public Holidays

24 Hour Emergency Service

  • Our plumbing services are for both Residential and Commercial properties
  • 24 Hour Emergency Plumbing services
  • We also do bathroom renovations
  • Solar heating and Irrigation systems
  • Leak detection
  • Swimming pool pumps or leaks
  • Showers, toilets and basins
  • Burst pipes and Geyser installations
  • Plumbing repairs