How You Too Can Save Water by Going Green

There has never been a greater need than right now to save water. While doing so, you can do your part by adding your own carbon footprint. Besides, going green will definitely save you money, and you get to do your part for the environment in more ways than one. What are some of the ways that you can implement to go green in your house? Let’s take a closer look at some innovative money saving methods.

Saving Water and Money at Home

  • One way is to check if your toilet is leaking. This can be accomplished by adding a couple of drops of food dye in your cistern. Should the colour seep into the toilet bowl, then it is a sure indication of a leak. It is time to call a reputable plumber to have it fixed immediately. You are potentially wasting about 30 litres of water in an hour.
  • Your bathroom alone presents you with plenty of opportunity to save on electricity and water. You do not have to break the bank to get this right as you only need to replace your current fittings in your bathroom with water efficient options.
  • It is far more cost effective to rather shower than bath. If you feel you really need to bath, then why not consider running a little less water, or even sharing your bath.
  • If your toilet does not already have a dual-flush mechanism installed, then it is time you bring your part in saving a huge amount of water. There are some issues though in that you will come across various types of dual-flush mechanisms. Rightfully, you should get some advice from your local plumber as to which one would be best suited.
  • Investing in low-flow showerheads is another way to save a huge amount of water. As it uses a water flow restrictor, it is a great way to reduce water use by 50 percent. What is more, these bathroom accessories are very affordable. Your plumber will have it installed for you in a jiffy as they would insert it into the back end of your showerhead.
  • For those of you who happen to be blessed with older taps around your house, you can always purchase a few Eco-efficient aerators in order to maintain a constant pressure, which in turn will ensure you use far less water than usual. For best fitting advice, it is highly recommended that you consult your plumber first.

There is no need to sacrifice your comforts within the kitchen or bathroom area. Making a few changes here and there with the help of licensed plumbers in and around Cape Town, without costing you an arm and a leg, is all you need to help you save water and money.

It would be far better to let a licensed plumber come to your house and conduct a few inspections in and around your home to check for leaks, and consider potential upgrades so you too can go green and help save water in good old South Africa. It is not all that hard to make a few sacrifices, which in turn will help you save money.

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